Privacy policy

Collected information

Some information about your app usage is being collected when you take the following actions among others: application selection, button clicks, font selection, time spent, etc.All the information is collected on a anonymous way only to improve the application performance and usability. This data will be analysed by an analytics system, only for this purpose. On the other hand, we protect the more private aspects of the application, such as images used and images generated. So we won't collect them.

Terms and Conditions

Any content (images, written text) generated with the application is your responsability, so do not use copyrighted images and do not commit any other infrigment or offense. Otherwise it's your own responsability.

Your Consent

By using our app, you acknowledge and agree to this privacy policy and the terms and conditions.

Contact Us

With any further questions and/or requests, regarding privacy issues and this privacy policy, please do not hesitate to contact us using the information below.